Find incidence angle from P-wave particle motion

Dear Obspy users,

I'm trying to find out the ray direction at my station by analyzing the
particle motion of the P-wave.

I noticed that you have a polarization.eigval methods based on Jurkevics
that ouptuts the main eigenvalues. It would help to actually get the
eigenvectors out of it to determine the direction of maximum variation
of the P-wave. Is there an obspy direct way to get the ray-incidence and
azimuth from analyzing the signal around the P-wave?

Thanks for the help, best,


Hi Christian,

I don’t know if there is a direct way to do this in ObsPy, but there is a paper in GJI by Roberts et al (1989) on how to do this that is implemented in SEISAN.

Real-Time Event Detection, Phase Identification and Source Location Estimation Using Single Station Three-Component Seismic Data,
1989 GJI: R. G. Roberts, A. Christoffersson and F. Cassidy

I have re-implemented this in Python and can share the code with you directly.