fetching data from a local data center

Hi everyone,

Is there any chance to download data from a local data center that does not implement The FDSN Web Services using ObsPy (or Python)?

This local web service allows users to query earthquake and station information to select and download all accelerometric waveforms with magnitude greater than 3 in ASCII format. I want to download a lot of data (approx. 30 stations and 600 records). If it is possible, I want to formulate my queries for example station by station to produce complete data sets (similar to FDSN mass downloader).

Is there any suggestions for solving this case?


Tevfik Ozgur Kurtulmus (PhD)

Dokuz Eylul University

Department of Geophysics


Well… I would contact that network and ask them the data…


Hi Tevfik,

it's really hard to answer your question, since you did not provide any
information on how the data is served by the data center (and which data
center anyway).
So unless data is served by one of the protocols we support (FDSNWS,
ArcLink, Seedlink, Earthworm, ...), then I guess it will not be possible
with built-in means "using Obspy". If it's a custom protocol, for sure
you'll be able to get the data using python, but depending on the
complexity of the protocol this can be considerable effort to implement.

So, I guess, if you don't specify more information on how the data is
served, then it's hard to give a better answer.


Hi Thomas and Tobias,

Thanks for answering. This data center is Turkish National Strong Motion Network (TR-NSMN), Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD, www.deprem.gov.tr) (FDSN code is TK). However, I did not find how the data is served (At least I could not find it!). But, about data accessibility on fdsn internet page indicated as “Data not available from any registered FDSN Web Service provider.” (http://www.fdsn.org/networks/detail/TK/)


15 Kasım 2017 17:10, “Thomas Lecocq” <thomas.lecocq@seismology.be> yazdı:

Hi Ozgur,

maybe my earlier message was not clear enough. Nobody here will be able
to help you so long as you do not even know how the data is disseminated.

Like Thomas said, you need to ask the guys how they distribute their
data. Period.