Feature request: Add list style wildcard to bulk pull

The bulk pull for waveforms works decently well, but there are times in which I have a list of stations but I want to pull only a selection of stations from that station (i.e., stations may have an accelerometer and high gain seismometer) or multiple band codes (short period, long period, broad, broadband, etc). It would be extremely helpful to add a way to use a list style wild card so that you can pull only select band codes and station types for stations that might have multiple available. Essentially, what I hope to be able to do is something like this
bulk = [(’*’, ‘WCI’, ‘[BH]H*’, stime, etime), …]
The biggest way in which this would help is when individuals have fairly dynamic datasets and they only have limited information to pass, so this way they can pull only a narrow type of data without getting all Band types and instrument types.

Maybe you can have a look at the FDSNMassDownloader in ObsPy. I think it offers features you are suggesting to include in the bulk pull.