FDSNW-GUI, A useful GUI for FDSNW services!

Please find the following link, a useful GUI for getting station metadata, catalog and waveform in different formats using Obspy and FDSNW capabilities!

Waiting for your valuable feedback!

Nice! Could you please provide some basic usage information for your module? I tried running it but didn’t get a GUI to load.

Dear @shicks-seismo it could be very simple as i’ve mentioned in WIKI :slight_smile: . Here are the steps:
1- git clone https://github.com/saeedsltm/FDSNW-GUI.git
2- cd FDSNW-GUI/
3- python FDSNGUI.py

then it’ll bring up the GUI, otherwise please check if the prerequisites are already installed on your system. (python 3+, PyQt5 5.1+, Obspy 1.2+). Please let me know if this helps.


Thanks a lot. This is what I tried earlier. Sadly it doesn’t seem to work. When I launch, the GUI doesn’t appear and no messages appear in the terminal - it just seems to hang.
I am using a Mac.

I have installed pyqt5=5.12.3; obspy=1.2.2;

OK, it seems there are some issues with PyQt5 running on Mac-OS. There are some suggestions on stack-overflow which one of them is, adding the following line in the beginning of the code:

os.environ['QT_MAC_WANTS_LAYER'] = '1'

you may test it if it could solve the problem. Unfortunately i have no access to any Mac to test it myself.