fdsn is not working?

Hi everyone,

is there anyone who is experiencing a problem to download data from fdsn right now or it is just me ?


from obspy.fdsn import Client
from obspy import UTCDateTime

client = Client()
t1 = UTCDateTime(“2012-03-18:T06:00:00.000”)
t2 = t1 + 60601
st = client.get_waveforms(“IU”, “ANMO”, “00”, “LHZ”, t1, t2)

I get:

FDSNException: No data available for request

It was working up to yesterday…
I am using python 3.4.3 and obspy 0.10.2


Hey Lucia,

I just tried your code and got the following, hope that helps.


[aringler@igskgacggsscan1 dqaDUMPS]$ python check.py

Traceback (most recent call last):

File “check.py”, line 7, in

st = client.get_waveforms(“IU”, “ANMO”, “00”, “LHZ”, t1, t2)

File “/home/asluser/obspy/obspy/fdsn/client.py”, line 594, in get_waveforms

data_stream = self._download(url)

File “/home/asluser/obspy/obspy/fdsn/client.py”, line 1185, in _download

raise FDSNException(“No data available for request.”)

obspy.fdsn.header.FDSNException: No data available for request.

[aringler@igskgacggsscan1 dqaDUMPS]$

Hi Adam,

thanks for your answer.
From your test I guess I should deduce that the fdsn web service seems indeed not working.

The example I sent was similar to the one here: https://docs.obspy.org/packages/autogen/obspy.fdsn.client.Client.get_waveforms.html
(which is not working as well)


Probably related: the DMC is experiencing a system failure and not returning data for many requests.