FDSN get station

Hi all,

I am now trying to download stations of the FDSN client with multiple station/channel codes. For example, I want channels BH* and HH*. I tried channel=’[BH]H*’, channel=‘BH*, HH*’, etc. None of those work. The documentation says “Multiple codes are comma-separated.”. Anybody can help? Thanks.


Hi Qimin,

Can’t speak for correcting the issue you are having, but you might find it easier to use get_stations_bulk (and equivalent get_waveforms_bulk).

I will let others supply you with information for the comma-separated channel names - I can’t see a way to do it. Hope that helps, Calum

Hi Qimin

Sorry to say it is relatively hard to help you given the lack of information in your post. If you please add at least the following minimum amount of information chances that someone can help you increases astronomically

  1. A minimalistic reproducing your problem
  2. Any error messages produced on your system by running the minimalistic script


That's a string listing, not a Python listing, so *no spaces after comma*.

`client.get_waveforms(... channel="BH*,HH*", ...)`