Fail of ppsd() cause by sampling rate

Hi all,

When I use ppsd() (PPSD) for calculating the probabilistic power spectral densities of seismic record, ObsPy raise a warning,

/home/junliu/anaconda3/envs/obspy/lib/python3.10/site-packages/obspy/signal/ UserWarning: Already covered time spans detected (e.g. 2024-04-16T00:00:10.000000Z), skipping these slices.

and there is no output generated. Here is the code snippet used for processing:

from obspy.core import read
from obspy.signal import PPSD

st = read("test.sac")
paz = {'gain': 60077000.0,
       'poles': [-0.037004+0.037016j, -0.037004-0.037016j,
                 -251.33+0j, -131.04-467.29j, -131.04+467.29j],
       'sensitivity': 2516778400.0,
       'zeros': [0j, 0j]}

ppsd = PPSD(st[0].stats, paz, ppsd_length=10)
# we use 10 second to crash it quickly

Here is the demo SAC file.
test.sac (98.3 KB)

Based on my observation, this issue seems to stem from potential rounding errors when reading the SAC file. st[0].stats indicates a sampling rate of 249.99998474121094. Upon inspecting obspy/signal/, line 733 returns True in the condition:

if overlap_seconds / self.ppsd_length > self.overlap:

In this case, overlap_seconds / self.ppsd_length evaluates to 0.500000512, which is slightly greater than 0.5. Resampling the trace resolves the issue:

ppsd = PPSD(st[0].stats, paz, ppsd_length=10)

ppsd() works pretty well.

I found that the sampling rate issue has been fixed SAC: Potential problem with floating point accuracy in sampling rate / sample spacing · Issue #3408 · obspy/obspy (, and I just wondered if it is needed for modifing line 733 (such as raise the right side) to avoid this problem.

What obspy version are you on?

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