extracting data through iris.edu/fdnws/availability through obspy

Hello all, I am facing a issue while extracting data. I am unable to figure out where I am going wrong. I am proceeding as below mentioned:

import obspy
from obspy.clients.fdsn.mass_downloader import RectangularDomain,
… Restrictions, MassDownloader

domain = RectangularDomain(minlatitude=30, maxlatitude=35,
… minlongitude=-105, maxlongitude=-99)

restrictions = Restrictions(
… starttime=obspy.UTCDateTime(2014, 3, 1),
… endtime=obspy.UTCDateTime(2014, 6, 1),
… chunklength_in_sec=86400,
… network=“XB”, station=“C0*”, location_priorities=[""], channel_priorities=[“BH1”],
… minimum_length=0.0,
… minimum_interstation_distance_in_m=10.0)

Its being ended up showing :
[2020-06-19 11:57:55,154] - obspy.clients.fdsn.mass_downloader - INFO: Client ‘IRIS’ - Acquired 0 StationXML files [0.0 MB].
[2020-06-19 11:57:55,154] - obspy.clients.fdsn.mass_downloader - INFO: Downloaded 0.0 MB in total.
{‘IRIS’: <obspy.clients.fdsn.mass_downloader.download_helpers.ClientDownloadHelper object at 0x7fb4042e2c90>}

Will be very grateful for the advice/suggestion. Thanks in advance.


The XB C0* stations that I looked at have location codes of 00. I had success downloading data with your code by not including location_priorities at all, as well as using location_priorities=[“00”].

Hope that helps.

Thank you so much. It worked, earlier I didn’t notice location priorities.