Error while Installing Obspy: dynamic lookup failure

Hi all,

I was trying to install Obspy in OS X 10.9.4 using pip. However I got this error and installation wasn’t completed:

Hi Ericka,

looks like a gfortran problem to me. No clue how that could happen otherwise. The installation of gfortran on OSX is known to be fiddly at best. Most people had a good experience with the gfortran provided by homebrew (

Uninstall your old fortran compiler, install homebrew and type

$ brew install gfortran

Then the installation should work.

We nowadays tend to steer people towards using the Anaconda Python distribution:

But you will still need a working gfortran for that!




to me, it a bit like mixing clang and gcc, which might be going wrong. But have no idea why this should happen. As far as I know 10.9 has no gcc itself, but gcc would point to clang. However, you try to link to libgcc, which is not found. I do not see any gfortran invocation yet.

Have no 10.9 to see what happens, but can be sure that Obspy build fine with Macports (from the buildbots). Maybe it would help to set compiler related environment variables explicitly to the compiler you want to use.

Otherwise, I can provide some support with using Macports, if this is the way you want to go.


Thanks a lot Lion and Peter.

Problem solved usin installation Via Anaconda.

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