Efficiently removing instrument response


I am attempting to remove the instrument response from some seismic data. I download data from IRIS for a whole month for one station. I also download dataless miniseed txt file from IRIS for the same time period.

I’d like to use the stream.remove_response method, and I’ve been able to do so successfully. My question is: does the time period for the dataless miniseed matter? Lets say I trim all that seismic data to just an hour of data, can I give it the same dataless miniseed that encompasses the entire month?

Further, if the dataless miniseed is for august, can I apply the same dataless miniseed to september? Can I get one 6 month long dataless miniseed and apply it to any seismic data in that period?

Hope this is clear. Thanks for your expertise.

If you pass in an Inventory object to Stream.remove_response() it will make sure to select the correct metadata. To be more precise, for every Trace in your Stream the metadata is looked up based on the trace’s start time. This is safe unless you would do something weird like merge traces across instrumentation changes (which in usual cases means a gap, unless technicians leave data acquisition running across a sensor change or something like that).

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Thank you! I appreciate your time to respond.

Have a great week.