Determining station data availability from inventory

Hi all,

Apologies if I’ve missed something obvious or a previous forum post, but I’m looking for a way to use Obspy to determine the times & spans of recorded windows for a number of stations within a FSDN client Inventory object, similar in purpose as found on the FSDN web service. The aim is to look at the available data & data gaps across a station’s epoch (or other defined time range) before loading in the waveform data - like obspy-scan but for the remote FSDN client.

Using get_stations, I’ve looked into using the data_availability attribute for Station objects, but for some reason, it returns a NoneType object, no matter the station nor start & end times set:

I can also see that a get_availability method is available for the earthworm client, and that developments are ongoing(?) for a similar method for the FSDN client, but is there any currently workable avenue to do so?



If you need something fast, you could make a dedicated conda environment to use that PR’s current status. See here, should be simple usually.

Just be aware that things in that PR might still change, so if you update later on based on the PR your code might break eventually.