CSS format reading / file type detection

Dear all,

I’ve been happily working with CSS format files generated by the Pisces package but have a small if frustrating to figure out issue when trying to read them with ObsPy. Essentially, I get an unknown file format error using ‘read’ unless I specify what the data format is explicitly, i.e., st = read(“file.wfdisc”, format = “CSS”). Specifically the error is:

~/anaconda3/lib/python3.6/site-packages/obspy/core/util/base.py in _read_from_plugin(plugin_type, filename, format, **kwargs)
390 break
391 else:
–> 392 raise TypeError(‘Unknown format for file %s’ % filename)
393 else:
394 # format given via argument

TypeError: Unknown format for file /dir/file.wfdisc

It seems the automatic file type detection isn’t working, something I note was in a thread about 3 years ago (http://lists.swapbytes.de/archives/obspy-users/2015-February/001642.html). However, I’m not sure if this is ObsPy related, or Pisces related and whether it’s worth opening an Issue on the GitHub site.

I could make a small test data example if needed.

Thanks for any comments.

Hi Richard,

please open a ticket on github for this and attach your (small) test data.


Hi Richard,

Yes, I’d recommend a minimal working example. CSS is a finicky file type:-) There could be spaces in the wfdisc line that fail the format check, but can still be read, for example.