Creating event station-xml from segy-trace headers


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I do have segy events files each is representing one triggered microseismic event. Stations information by which the event is recorded are all attached to segy trace headers. These information includes (x,y,z location of the station, well name, well array, instrument gain, sensitivity and frequency ranges, station component, event time, etc).

I would like to create a stations xml file for each well array (wells by which the event is recorded) and then link the event (segy) stream object into this xml file. Could anyone help me how it can done or provide a link to some obspy tutorials covering this topic.

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Hi Khalil,

this is a fairly unusual request but assuming you have all the information you require you can do it like described here:

Instead of using the NRL you will probably have to build up your own ObsPy response objects but if its just the sensitivity that is easy enough to do. One thing to keep in mind: StationXML uses WGS84 coordinates so you’ll probably have to convert your coordinates to it if you care about them.



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This is very useful, you are indeed a Lion.