crashing python(x, y) after obspy installation in windpws 7 professional

I have been trying to install obspy, but every time I do so python(x,y) crashes.

I have installed obspy in python(x,y) version and, using python(x,y) command window and windows enhanced console, with pip install and easy_install.

After obspy is installed, python(x,y) will not open.

I have made all the updates on windows, restarted the computer and it is still crashing.

Has this happen to anyone? Do you know how to fix it?

Any help is welcome. Thanks.

Hi Gisela,

I have no experience with python(x,y). Do you have some more information like an install log or an error log when you try to start python(x,y)?

Otherwise we can recommend the Anaconda Python distribution which also works on Windows.



Hi Lion,

No, there is no error log - or if there is I do not know where to fetch it.
There is no error message. Python(x,y) will simply not open.
I suspect obspy installation is overriding some path variable.
I forgot to mention my windows is 64 bit.

I was looking into Anaconda but I just got comfortable using spyder under python(x,y) and want to avoid changing my working environment.



Hi Gisela,

kind of hard to tell what is going on without any more information.

You should be able to remove obspy if you used easy_install or pip to install it:

* pip uninstall obspy

If that does not work, do it manually:

* Delete everything in the site_packages directory that is related to obspy
* Also check all *.pth files in the same directory and delete lines with obspy on it

After that python(x,y) should start again if the error is related to ObsPy.

Then you could try to install again and send us the install log.

ObsPy should not mess with any pass variables (the installation is handled by easy_install/pip in any case).



Hi Lion,

I ended up installing anaconda using easy_install for obspy. No problems. Spyder opens and I can import obspy.
I kept python(x,y) still working and spyder also opens from there but this spyder version does not see obspy.
I'll start using anaconda's spyder and if I don't have problems with it down the line I'll delete pythonxy.

As a side note, a colleague suggested incompatibilities with matlab - which I also have installed - may be the cause of the problems.
She runs obspy on pythonxy in windows 7 without any problems but has no matlab.

Thanks for your help,