Convenient way of working with multiple .SAC files of different length, station, and chennels

I have multiple SAC files (around 200) of different length, station and channel in a dataset. I wish to pack all these streams into something that looks like an mseed package, where I can easily pick station, channel etc and merge them into 24hr sac files. Any help on how I can do this?

I tried doing something like this. It works, but I am not sure about the format of the st after performing st.extend.

path = “C:/Users/Samidha/038”
st= Stream()
for file in os.listdir(path):
if file.endswith(‘.SAC’):

I then picked streams and merged them as follows:“STA1”, component=“Z”); st1.merge(method=0);“STA1”, component=“N”); st2.merge(method=0);“STA1”, component=“E”); st3.merge(method=0);“STA2”, component=“Z”); st4.merge(method=0);

This is very inconvenient for large datasets. How do I make my life easy?