Combining responses in Obspy

I have two RESP... text response files: one for the datalogger response and one for the sensor response

I can read in the response files using read_inventory(), and get the response from inventory.get_response()

However, it seems that the Channel object can only take one response object

How do I combine the sensor response with the datalogger response to create a single response object?

Please note that the NRL option does not seem to work properly, so I am trying to read in text RESP files using read_inventory() and then combine them into a single response


M.R. Goldman
Earthquake Science Center
U.S. Geological Survey
350 N. Akron Rd.,
Mountain View, CA, 94035

Hi Mark,

there is no official user-facing functionality for this as of now, but
you can have a look into the code that is used in the NRL client to
combine sensor/datalogger RESP files.
This might be specific to how NRL keeps those two in individual files,
though, so carefully check your results if you do something like that
with RESP files not coming from the NRL.