Client - certain stations not downloaded


I started using the obspy Client class to download data from IRIS and ORFEUS. However, I find that many stations simply aren’t downloaded (despite the websites of the respective data-servers claim there is data for particular stations).

I suspect this is a common problem. Can anyone give me some insight on why this may be happening?

Regards and thanks,

Hi Sjoerd,

it is a bit difficult to answer your somewhat generic question and there may be several issues involved.

1. First of all which client you are actually using? Is it the FDSN client? If not, datacenter’s might not have the protocol you are using in place.

2. IRIS and ORFEUS manage and serve only a limited portion of all available data, so depending of which data you exactly need (and depending of the protocol you are using) you might have to reach out to several data centres. Brokering is not yet fully available with FDSN services.

3. Which websites are you exactly referring to. Do they really claim to provide these data or do they just provide some information on they existence?

4. Even if you reach to the right data centre, it is well possible that data is really not available for the exact time you are requesting because the seismic station was not operating at that exact time.

5. Data centres also have some volume limits, so you might get no data, just because your requests are just asking for too much data.

So it is not really possible to give you a better targeted hint, but if you give more details we probably can help to sort these things out.


Hi Peter,
I have been able to reproduce the problem without obspy. And, it seems to occur on the server end.
I will inquire with ORFEUS directly.
Cheers and thanks,

Hi Sjoerd,

good to hear.

For future reference: if you initialize the ObsPy client with `debug=True` it will print all the URLs it attempts to download which can then be used with wget/a browser/... to figure out if the problem is on ObsPy's side or not.

>>> c = obspy.fdsn.Client("ORFEUS", debug=True)