Changes to EL6 packaging

Dear ObsPy users,

Those of you using EL6 packages may have noticed periodic breakage, usually with regards to libmseed. These errors are due to two issues: a) ObsPy is stuck at 0.10.3 because EL6 contains very old scientific Python packages (NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib) and b) libmseed has had some ABI breaks.

It has been rather annoying to remember to avoid updating libmseed on EL6, so in an effort to reduce the chances of breakage, I have decided to split the EL6 packages into a separate copr repo. This new repo (available at [1]) will only contain ObsPy 0.10.3, and likely won’t receive much in the way of any other updates, but should stay stable at least.

The EL6 section of the original repo will eventually be disabled in a couple of weeks.