Catalog from CMT

Dear all.

I was not able to find the exponent value from the cmt catalog in the event object. is it available somehow or not?

From .ndk file description:

Fourth line: CMT info (3)
[1-2]   The exponent for all following moment values. For example, if the
        exponent is given as 24, the moment values that follow, expressed in 
        dyne-cm, should be multiplied by 10**24.

Thank you very much!


Dear Blaz,

all moment tensor values inside ObsPy’s event data structure are in Nm no matter the original file format. Thus the factor has already been applied and the units have been converted to Nm.

All the best,


Yes, this is clear. I need to acces the exponent though. Well, Ill do it some other way from the cmt files. Thanks anyway!

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