Cannot get data from AK network

Hi! I am trying to get some data from the Alaska Regional Network stations.
Some of the specific stations I am interested in are CHX, CTG, LOGN, PIN etc.

I have the station XML and a list of events between 2015-2022. However, none of the stations are returning any data. I either get the ‘FDSNNoDataException’ error or just a general ‘FDSNException’ error.
This is my function call:

I am just iterating over each event and for that event I am checking if data is available for the stations in the array.
The issue persists for other networks in this area as well such as TA, CN etc.
Can someone try downloading a sample of data using ‘get_waveforms’?


What data center are you downloading from? Also, maybe you could try the IRIS federator if you’re unsure where the data is coming from?

You mean the client? I am using the standard Client(“IRIS”).
I also tried this just now after seeing your reply:
client = RoutingClient(“iris-federator”)

Then ran the usual get_waveforms() function but now it says ‘attach_response’ argument is not supported. Can I not get the instrument response when I use a routing client?

No, attach_response is not supported because we are not in control of which data center the individual responses are coming from. There is a get_stations() method to fetch the metadata.

In general, we advise to not attach responses to traces anymore, it is just cleaner to keep the metadata in an inventory object and pass it on whenever needed (like in a subsequent stream.remove_response(inventory=inv) call).