Can I ask you a question?

Can I ask you a question?

Hello, My name is Chan-ung Jeong.
I am a student interesting seismology.

I want to know the bounce point(=pierce point) by using teleseismic records.
I tried to do and follow

but the result is like a example below. I don’t understand what It means.
How I get the bounce point?

arrivals = model.get_pierce_points(500, 130)
>>> arrivals[0].pierce.dtype
dtype([('p', '<f8'), ('time', '<f8'), ('dist', '<f8'), ('depth', '<f8')])

Hi Chang-ung,

the pierce points are so called structured arrays (). For each point you will get a tuple of four values.

Just omit the .dtype and you will have access to the actual values.

All the best,