Blockette 1001 not read by EasySeedlinkClient

Hi all, I asked a similar question about the fdsn client not treating the 1001 time precision blockette in 2017. The same holds for the EasySeedlinkClient. Following the advice from 2017, I created my own subclass which basically does this:

            if packet_type not in (SLPacket.TYPE_SLINF, SLPacket.TYPE_SLINFT):
                # The packet should be a data packet
#                trace = data.get_trace()
                # Pass the trace to the on_data callback
                a,b = data.get_ms_record()
                buffer = io.BytesIO()
                st =,details=True)
                if len(st) > 0:

The few lines of extra code will write the raw data into a buffer and then read it again. This solves the problem for me. I wonder something along these lines is of general interest? Apparently, no one has asked for it the last four years.

Thanks for sharing your solution anyway.

Reference to the previous question: