Beamforming Interpolation

Hi Martin,

I’m using the sonic function of Obspy to perform the Beamforming
analysis and Matplotlib to make the plot:
Any hint to include the interpolation using this code? I’ll try your previous suggestions.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Esteban,

from what I see in the code, sonic actually performs a iteration over xy slowness grid. There are multiple options which might deliver what you are looking for. To increase the resolution of the calculation itself you need to reduce the slowness step in the source code:

# Execute sonic kwargs = dict(     # slowness grid: X min, X max, Y min, Y max, Slow Step     sll_x=-3.0, slm_x=3.0, sll_y=-3.0, slm_y=3.0, sl_s=0.03,

hence reducing sl_s=0.03 .

This will however not change the plot as the bin size is defined further down:

# choose number of fractions in plot (desirably 360 degree/N is an integer!) N = 36 N2 = 30 abins = np.arange(N + 1) * 360. / N sbins = np.linspace(0, 3, N2 + 1)

To my understanding this means that your results will be packed into 36*30 slowness bins.
I would probably set N to a higher number, that should give you what you seek. (sadly I am not able to run the example on the page).

Hope it helps,