Beachball Plot Projection behavior


I am trying to change Cartopy Plot of Globe with Beachballs using the Robinson projection. The code is attached. When I switch from PlateCarree to Robinson the beachball does not appear. Perhaps I am doing something silly? Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can provide.


PlateCarree (expected behavior):

Robinson missing beachball: (616 Bytes)

@Ringler_Adam this seems to very loosely be connected to Bugs when saving plotted beachballs to .pdf or .eps figures · Issue #2887 · obspy/obspy · GitHub… or maybe it isn’t. In any case if you put in beach(..., axes=ax) it seems to work. Not sure why it’s needed, not using this much myself. If you find out more let us know, maybe the docs need to point that out.

@megies that did the trick! Thanks for your help! I will try and update the doc to include axes=ax so that it might save someone dealing with the same issue.