Batch processing: get the profile

Thanks you Tom.

Just one last question, now I am using the batch option. I manage to stack the data, but to generate the profile I don’t get any folder from it. It loads something but not folder is created.
How I should arrange the json file to use the profile() and plot_profile(). I remove the ‘#’, but it didt compute any folder.

I have done:
rf data calc myrf (working)
rf moveout myrf myrfmout (working)
rf stack myrfmout stacked_data (working)
rf profile stacked_data profile (not working)

Many thanks for your help!!

Hi Qian,

I did not touch the batch code for some time. I am even thinking about deprecating it, because my priority in the module is the library code. You can check out the configuration options in the documentation hosted at, basically you need to define correct boxes. I think I’d calculate a profile with the unstacked, individual rfs. But in any case, bugs might also occur. As a work-around you can write a small script, reading your receiver functions and creating the profile following the tutorial notebook.