Basic question about how to set up instrument response for known instrumentation

Hello everyone

I have a basic question about instrument response removal. I have some information about two seismometers (attached) which include poles and zeros information.

I am trying to determine what can be effectively carried out on the data using these information: simulate or response removal ? I don’t have dataless SEED or RESP files of these stations. All the stations have sampling rate of 200 and the frequency range of interest lies in 1-30 Hz. The goal is to get acceleration or velocity from the station data. (2.0 KB)

You might find it easiest to construct a stationxml using a tool like nexus. You can use this to define the components in your set up and construct the full response and then use this stationxml as your inventory for calls to .remove_response.

Alternatively you can use code like that described in the advanced tutorial here, but you will need to complete the overall sensitivity and you would be missing some components of the response of the digitizer (the decimation stages in response files).

You could also set up your metadata like shown here, I dont know this observer instrument but it looks like its in the NRL.

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Thank you Calum for your suggestion. There were a few other parameters which I was not able to obtain from the field team so I was not able to set up the stationXML using Nexus or Obspy. I chose the nominal response file from NRL and used them to remove the instrument response.

Thank you Tobias for your answer. I found the station in NRL and used the stationXML file from there.

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