Associate Stream with Event and/or Channel

Issue #1842 (closed) mentions development of a DataSet, but I can’t find anything more about any development in that direction. Is there an issue to track this, or any discussions about it?

Specifically, a lot of seismology works with what amounts to a collection of (Stream/Trace, Channel, Event) tuples and it would be nice if there was something in obspy that supported the association between those. The most obvious place where something is needed is Stream.plot(type='recordsection'), but I think this concept is so pervasive in seismology it would be useful in many other places.

I understand that Trace.associate_response() was considered a design mistake, and so a corresponding Trace.associate_event() is probably not the right way to go. But what is the recommended way to do this?

Having some kind of dataset object would be nice. It’s just that at the moment obspy devs are already busy with maintaining obspy and dealing with other, fundamental issues. I see a possible dataset as something that should be build on top of obspy’s core functionality either in a new submodule or in a new package itself.

I don’t know about any recommendations. When talking about datasets, we also have to talk about persistence. So either everything could be saved together as done by asdf format or just the association information metadata could be written to disc and waveforms, events, stations persist in their native formats.