Arrivals with path and pierce points

Hi, I’m wondering if there is a way to get arrivals that have both path and pierce point info, via .path and .pierce methods respectively. For example, say I calculate the arrivals using get_ray_paths_geo, I will get a .path method, but to get pierce points I have to calculate the same arrivals again, using get_pierce_points_geo. The only way I found to get around this was using:

# arrivals were calculated using get_ray_paths_geo

It works I guess, but is there a better API for this that I am missing? I’m thinking of something like arrivals.add_pierce_points(phase_list=['<phase>']) which would add pierce point info to all phases of type <phase> in the arrivals list. Or even at the singular arrival level, an arrivals[0].add_pierce_points(...). There could also be equivalent add_path(...) methods.

What do you think?

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