Appending inventory_response stage 1 in an array or a list

I am working on SDS data and I am using obspy, my aim is to extract the 1 first stage on the response and save the data as an array or list. Basically I want to extract the pressure data from the inventory and I wanted to ask you if there is a way to do that ?

Thank you very much !

you can access the response stages individually as they are elements in the response_stages list



Response type: PolesZerosResponseStage, Stage Sequence Number: 1
	From M/S (Velocity in Meters per Second) to V (Volts)
	Stage gain: 78.7, defined at 15.00 Hz
	Transfer function type: LAPLACE (RADIANS/SECOND)
	Normalization factor: 1, Normalization frequency: 15.00 Hz
	Poles: (-8.8857+8.8857j), (-8.8857-8.8857j)
	Zeros: 0j, 0j

to see the contents you can dir(inv[0][0][0].response.response_stages[0])

to get the poles you could… poles = inv[0][0][0].response.response_stages[0].poles

and so on

Thank you very much for your swift reply and for your help.

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