Append Data to new Stream

Dear all,
Hope this mail finds you well.
I have some raspyshake data downloaded from an offline station (no internet near).
The length of data is 1 hour per channel but I need only some part of the data, so I trim them.
Once the waveforms are trim I wanted to stare them in a new Stream, the code I wrote is:

import obspy
from obspy.core import read
from obspy import UTCDateTime
import os
import glob

fechahora = '2020, 11, 3, 09, 35, 00'
ntr_bo = obspy.Stream()
t_bo = UTCDateTime(fechahora)
data = read(variable)
#----Bolivia RaspyShake ----
for f in glob.glob('2020-11-03*.AM_REDDE*EH*'):
    datas = read(f)
    datas.trim(t_bo, t_bo + 420)
    print (datas)
    for t in datas:

Unfortunately I am not able to append the new data into the new Stream, I got the following error.

TypeError: Append only supports a single Trace object as an argument.

What am i doing wrong?, thanks in adavance.

You are calling Stream.append() with another Stream object as argument but this method expects a single Trace object, as stated in the docs:

You can simply do st1 += st2 to add the streams together.

I would also highly recommend to use meaningful variable names. Ideally if you are dealing with a stream object, name it like st or st_all or something, which makes mistakes like these much easier to spot (when you can tell the object type right from the variable name).

One last thing, I am assuming you are reading MiniSEED files… you can tell the miniseed reader to only read the parts of the file which interest you, it make save some time and memory:

Dear @megies thank you for the suggestions, I’ll do it.