after install obspy fails to import xmlwrapper


I am trying to install obspy version 0.10.2 with Anaconda version 2.2.0 under Mac OS Yosemite (10.10.4). conda install seems to work fine, it updates a bunch of packages and appears to successfully install obspy (see output below). However, when I try to import xmlwrapper it fails:

In [1]: from obspy.core.util.xmlwrapper import XMLParser

Hi Phil,

we removed the xmlwrapper one or two versions ago so it is no longer a part of 0.10.2. We did not need it anymore since lxml became a hard dependency of ObsPy. Any reason you used it over lxml?



Hi Lion,

Yeah, about 3 years ago some crazy seismologist wrote an obspy moment magnitude calculator:

and he imports an XMLParser from xmlwrapper. I guess no one told him it would disappear?! Do I try to import an XMLParser from lxml? - Phil

OK, I am using:

from lxml.etree import XMLParser

Lion Krischer wrote: