Advanced triggering and events detection

Hello fellow ObsPy users,

I’m new to the ObsPy community and I’m sorry (in advanced) if the subject I’m about to talk about has been treated a lot of times :wink:

Here I go! I’m trying to review a large pool of data, perform detections, and generate picks, later on create events, etc.

​The network coincidence trigger is a good way to start, sure, but I have come across some segfaults arising from internal methods from ObsPy (the coincidenceTrigger() method somehow seems not to like some of the streams) and consequently, I had to reduce the number of channels on which the algorithms should be working.

Therefore, I was wondering if some of you have already dealt with that subject and if there was some ‘pretty hacks’ or even better custom scripts that could be of assistance.



Hi Stephen,

The best way forward is to just fix the issue that causes the segfault. Could you come up with a minimal example that exhibits the behaviour and send it us? Preferably in the form of a GitHub issue:

It might also be worth to try the latest ObsPy version on GitHub - maybe the problem has already been fixed.

All the best!