Advanced Training for SeisComP - Local Seismicity in Potsdam, Germany, 20 - 23 March, 2023

Dear OpenSource Seismology community,

I hereby announce our next intensive Advanced Training for OpenSource SeisComP in Potsdam, Germany, dating 20 - 23 March, 2023.

The training will have a strong focus on monitoring local seismicity using open-source SeisComP with scanloc and other dedicated gempa modules for which we add the licenses included in the course fee. We will again add our new topic: Real-time import of event parameters from external FDSN Web servers based on our QuakeLink .

This Advanced Course is perfect for experienced SeisComP users who wish to advance their SeisComP experience beyond standard applications while increasing the productivity of SeisComP systems for monitoring of local seismicity. You get to learn about SeisComP and gempa modules from us - the main developers of the wide-spread OpenSource software package.

You get to learn about SeisComP from us - the main developers of this wide-spread OpenSource software package for real-time earthquake monitoring.

In this regular training we will introduce open-source SeisComP in the latest version to you. The training is highly hands-on oriented and very intensive. You get to learn and to practice actively at all times. Therefore, the registration for the training is open to everyone but limited to a maximum of 8 persons.

You may find all further details including registration online in the announcement of the course . You cannot attend this time? We will announce more trainings online.

See you soon in Potsdam!

Dirk Roessler