Adding event and station information in Miniseed headers


I would like to know how to add information in miniseed headers such as:
- station longitude, latitude and elevation
- event latitude, longitude, depth, magnitude
- event origin time
- first arrival phase, travel time

as we can do in sac file headers using AttribDict?

Do you have an example?


Hi Coralie,

Nope, you can't do that. Well you can do it on the active object but once you save it, it'll be lost in MSEED format.


the MiniSEED format is data only - the file format is not suitable for
additional (meta) data


Hi Coralie

To give some more information. miniSEED is a subset of the SEED standard used for time series data. It has a counter part called dataless which holds the metadata. Now the SEED standard may hold event data in the Time Span Control Headers, but currently these are not supported by ObsPy.

For more information see:

regards \p

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your answer.
Indeed, I can add this kind of information using Attribdict on the active trace but I cannot save it.
See you,

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Thanks for the information Peter!