A very simple question about plotting more than one time in a program

Hi - can anyone help here

This is an embarrassingly simple question.

I am using Obspy to produce a variety of plots from an Infrasound monitor. No problems, nice software - thank you. (Linux, python 3.8 - conda virtual environment)

If I use a built in plotting method such as abc[0].plot() I get a plot window - no problem.

However subsequent line of code code will not run


abc[0].plot() #plot window appears -
xyz[0].plot() #this is not run, presumably because the previous was incorrectly closed (by closing the window)

Any thoughts, I appreciate that this is likely a fundamental misunderstanding of Python on my part.



The following works for me, run calling "python plotit.py", so no idea
what the problem is without more context.

from obspy import read
st = read()