3 component back-azimuth computation algorithm?

Hi ObsPy'ers,

Has anyone out there implemented the 3 component back-azimuth analysis algorithm in python from this paper below (and be willing to share it?)? If not, I plan on implementing it but hate re-inventing wheels.

Geophysical Journal (1989) 97,471-480
Real-time event detection,phase identification and source location estimation using single station three-component seismic data
R.G.Roberts, A. Christoffersson, and F. Cassidy




Hi Paul,

would be cool - I was thinking for a long time already to implement this
method myself - but never succeeded!
I have a bunch of methods ready to be included into obspy master
(Flinn/Montalbetti, Vidale), whatsoever the Roberts et al. would be very

Cheers Joachim