2022-03-11 ObsPy Release 1.3.0

Dear ObsPy Users,

After around 680 commits from ca 40 contributors ObsPy 1.3.0 is finished and has been released.

Here is the link to the “What’s New” page with all relevant information and changelog: What's New in ObsPy 1.3 · obspy/obspy Wiki · GitHub

This is the first Python 3 only release with support for Python 3.7 and upwards.

New IO features include read support for SeisComp XML versions 0.11 and 0.12 and read and write support for New Nordic format. Under the hood, testing, doc building and building of binary distributions was overhauled. This release also fixes an import error with the latest NumPy release 1.22.

Obspy 1.3.0 is up on PyPi.
Compiled distributions are available as conda packages and as binary wheels on PyPi for all major platforms. Native packages for the different platforms will be updated as they become available.

Please refer to installation instructions for details: Home · obspy/obspy Wiki · GitHub

Thanks to everybody who commited directly to the repository during the time since last release and everybody else who helped in any other manner!

All the best and let us know if you experience any problems,

The ObsPy Development Team

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