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Hi everyone,
Before I start I should say that I am a newbie.
I am using lots of scripts which were giving perfect results one or two months ago. But now despite I didn't change anything in the script, I am getting the following traceback.
Further help would be appreciated.

AttributeError Traceback (most recent call last)
/run/media/anatolia/Elements/Scattering_PROJECT/qopen_2016_12_26/DANA_NAF_POYRAZ/Qopen_utils_with2segments/plotting_01_plot_example_fits.py in <module>()


this is a strange error. Which obspy version are you using? Is
obspy-runtests working?

Best regards,

Did you (inadvertantly) update ObsPy? Which ObsPy version were you using before? Which now? By any chance, do you write/load from pickle format?


Thanks for replying. I was getting this traceback before I updated obspy to 1.1.0. However before this traceback I was getting another one about basemap. To be able to solve that (which I solved) I updated basemap and matplotlib. But I don't see any relevance. However at that time I also updated python to 3.6 which made me curius now. Again thank you for your further help.

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