Unevenly spaced data ..is it possible?

I have developed an opensource infrasound monitor project for pre-university students successfully using obspy for automatic data plotting and storage (thanks to the obspy team). We find that the data is not sampled perfectly regularly, this becoming a problem as we compare signals from two remote stations and the stored signals drift from one another over the course of a day.

I would like to include timestamps at every sample point, I.e…store xy data, despite the increase in filesize. It occurs that another solution is to temporarily store both signal and time, then resample to an evenly spaced data series , though this will to some degree lose data.

Is this practicable within obspy, my reading of the documentation leads me to think the software assumes evenly spaced data – though I may well be being dim here.



Right now everything works with evenly spaced data. Unevenly spaced data is rather uncommon for seismology, so it’s mostly outside of our scope.

That’s what I would probably do. Again we have no interpolation built in working on unevenly spaced data, but you could do it with scipy and then go back to obspy with the resampled data.

to be on the 'low file size" side, I’d store differential time and differential values, not full timestamps & values.