Status update

Dear ObsPy users,

here is a short summary of the recently released ObsPy modules:

* obspy.gse2: added GSE1 plain INT32 read support

* obspy.signal.ppsd: new functionality for calculating probabilistic
   noise power spectral densities for station quality control

* obspy.signal.psd: adding a wrapper for matplotlib.psd to have
   consistent calculations for different matplotlib versions

* obspy.imaging.mopad_wrapper: added Mopad library from Lars Krieger &
   Sebastian Heimann a more flexible alternative to visualize focal

* obspy.iris: support for additional IRIS web services

* obspy.neries: support for additional NERIES web services

* obspy.taup: new module wrapping the Fortran iaspei-tau library for
   calculating and plotting travel times

* obspy.arclink: bugfixes

* obspy.core, obspy.sac, obspy.xseed, obspy.segy, obspy.mseed: removed
   deprecated methods

As usual all (new) features (obspy.taup is coming soon) are documented

All packages mentioned are updated at Python Package Index
( and can be updated via easy_install.

Please note:
Some deprecated methods have been removed. Keep that in mind in case any
of your programs do not run as expected any more.

Many regards,