I notice some error in the processing this dataless file with obspy which seems correct using rdseed.
From what I have noticed sp.PAZ obspy routine cannot read correctly dataless files in which there is some filtering stage between the sensor stage (1) and the digitizer stage.
we get :
   File "/linux02/lyoncaen/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages/obspy.xseed-0.5.2-py2.6.egg/obspy/xseed/parser.py", line 447, in getPAZ
     zip(resp.real_pole, resp.imaginary_pole)]
TypeError: zip argument #1 must support iteration

In our case we have a constant factor gain amplification of the analog signal, which of course can be set within the digitizer constant or the sensor constant, but the description of the instrumentation is less relevant and our tool to built the dataless not usefull.

I have noticed the same problem in processing the response were a high pass filtering is applied before the digitization as in some configurations of the taurus instruments.

Do you think to make a more complete version of sp.PAZ to help to process the complete responses dataless?

Anne Deschamps

dataless.CL.AIO (64 KB)

Hi Anne,

I had a look at it and think it is a bug with poles and zeros that have
_exactly_ one pole (or zero). It seems that internally this gets
converted to a single value instead of a list of a single value. I'm not
that familiar with the internals of the xseed Parser so i'll wait for
Robert's or Lion's opinion..


Hi again,

I posted a ticket for this issue and committed a _temporary_ solution
(https://obspy.org/ticket/358). For now this is only available in the
developer svn snapshot.
A somewhat ugly but unproblematic alternative solution would be to
modify your file
and add the lines you see in changeset 3698

Thanks for reporting this bug!

hope it helps,