SAC write file not working on X86 32-bit operating systems?

Good morning,
While doing some training, we attempted to install our calibration project onto the engineer’s laptop. While we all use 64 bit versions of windows, this computer has the 32 bit version. We installed Anaconda as well as Obspy for 32-bit systems. Unfortunately the code fails when trying to write SAC files. Here’s an excerpt of my python code, and the resulting error. This error does not occur when running 64 bit operating system.

This code works for 64 bit operating systems but fails on the 32 bit
operating system of Obspy.


From the docstring for SacIO.WriteSacBinary, it is expecting a File object, not a file name. You’ll need to something like:

with open(sacfile, ‘wb’) as f:

I don’t know why your 64-bit systems don’t have the same error. Are you sure the installations are of the same ObsPy version?


Thanks Jon, I will look into it as soon as possible!

Jon, I will look into the version on my own computer to see what is going on - but it true, I am running 0.9.2 Obspy on this computer. I was hesitant to update it until I was sure the version 10 would successfully install on other systems. I’m just now updating I’ll fix my code as soon as possible.