problem with taup

How come I can’t load the taup module?

from obspy import read
from obspy.taup.taup import getTravelTimes


I see you work with Canopy. Did you download obspy through their package manager? If yes its outdated. I use Canopy and downloaded obspy separately, and linked the libraries with sys.path.insert() and the import of getTravelTimes works for me.


I used easy_install which puts obspy in /Users/Shahar/Library/Enthought/Canopy_64bit/User/lib/python2.7/site-packages/obspy
I’m running the latest version of obspy 0.8.4.
I’m able to read and plot streams and traces but taup, and some other modules in obspy.signal don’t load with a similar error.



Hi Shahar,

do you have a Fortran compiler installed? If no, ObsPy installes but it cannot compile the taup extension which is written in Fortran. A Fortran compiler that I know works for ObsPy is the gfortran that one can install with homebrew (

$ brew install gfortran

If it still fails, please send us the install log.

You also always run

$ obspy-runtest -r

which runs the ObsPy tests and sends the results to



hey Lion,

Yes, gfortran, gcc, f77 and mpif77, are ALL installed and are in PATH. I ended up manually compiling taup with gfortran.
This seems to be an OS X problem. easy_install asks for sudo on the Mac terminal and I bet the user installed compilers are not on the root’s PATH. I haven’t tried this but I bet that if you add the path to the gfortran compiler to the root’s PATH or make sure gfortran is understood in root user mode (su) then this problem will be completely solved.


It should be fixed in the current master branch. The master branch uses the same build system as numpy and should be more stable in regards to these issues.



Cool! Thanks, I’ll check it out later today.