Problem with simulate + dateless seed

Dear all,

happy to new year to everyone! I think I have a problem with my ObsPy installation, since one very basic operation from your online examples is not working.

I wanted to create a ground acceleration plot which didn’t work out so I tried to follow you online examples for instrument response simulation first. These lines are my input:

from obspy import read
from obspy.xseed import Parser

st = read("[](")
parser = Parser("[](")
st.simulate(seedresp={'filename': parser, 'units': "DIS"})

First of all I still need to add the ‚date‘ option, otherwise it will not run. After adding the ‚date‘ option for the simulate command I get the following error message:

In [53]: testdata = read(“…EH.D.2010.037”)

In [54]: testparser = Parser(“”)

In [57]: testdate = testdata[0].stats.starttime

In [58]: testdata.simulate(seedresp={‘filename’: testparser, ‘date’: testdate, ‘units’: “DIS”})

Hi Florian,

you still appear to be using the ObsPy OSX Application. We chose to deprecate that as it was simply too much work to maintain. Thus your ObsPy version is at least two years old and not the same as in the documentation.

Please delete the application and install ObsPy with any of the methods described here:

I strongly recommend going the Anaconda route as it likely has the least issues.

Cheers and all the best!