overlay plotting or traces

Ist there a way to plot all traces of a stream in one subplot with same / different colours / symbols?


Here comes the answer to my own questions:

for i in range(cnt):
     t=np.linspace(0,st[i].stats.endtime-st[i].stats.starttime, (st[i].stats.endtime-st[i].stats.starttime+st[0].stats.delta)*st[0].stats.sampling_rate,endpoint=True)


Yes, for all custom plotting needs beyond a simple preview, directly
using matplotlib is the way to go.

Of course you should consider the possibility of differing start times
of the traces.. simply starting at 0 for each one might not plot
correctly aligned. also, always taking the sampling rate of the first
trace is not failsafe.

To ensure all traces have the same start time you could trim with
filling masked values.. e.g.:

st.trim(starttime=t0, pad=True, fill_value=None)

Furthermore, there's a convenience routine to get relative sample times
in a Trace, so you could do something like:

Here's an example with a modified stream with differing sampling rates
and starttimes to show what I mean:

Hi all,

Is there a way to downsample a trace by a float factor?

tr.decimate(factor) # takes factor as int

Thank you in advance,




Thank you Tobias,

The problem is that at the description of the function is says that "Fourier method is used, the signal is assumed to be periodic".
And I'm not sure if this should be assumed for a seismogram.