obspy.mseed - "units" feld

hello again,

after producing some mseed files with obspy.mseed, i am using geopsy
(http://www.geopsy.org/) to visualize the data.

Geopsy says that my "Amplitude unit = velocity" (snapshot attached)...

is geopsy showing correct data?

is there a field in obspy.mseed that i can use to set the units to
something else? (all my data is "Acceleration", "M/S^2")

reading the mseed file with a simple obspy reader does not show anything
resemblig a unit

thank you!



MiniSEED as a format does not store any information about units that I am aware of.

MiniSEED is basically just the data part of the full SEED format, that means without the
extended header. See the SEED manual for further information:


MiniSEED consists of everything described in chapter 8.

Data centers often distribute further information about their waveform data in the form of
dataless SEED files which can be read and modified with obspy.xseed.

The units of your data depend on what data you used to create the MiniSEED files.
obspy.mseed did not change the data itself.

Best wishes.