Obspy installation missing methods

I recently updated my obspy installation on my laptop via 'easy_install -U obspy'. Since the update the array_analysis methods seem to be missing. Available methods are listed below. I tried reinstalling but the problem persists. Anyone know how I can get these methods back??

In [16]: dir(obspy.signal)

Hi David,

you should be able to import in nonetheless, try

>>> from obspy.signal import array_processing

Simply importing obspy.signal does not automatically import all of its submodules. Only those specified in the __init__.py or already imported otherwise will show up in the tap completion (or the dir() function for that matter). See the Python documentation for more details: http://docs.python.org/2/tutorial/modules.html#importing-from-a-package

If it still does not work let us know.



Thanks, that worked.