I have a Obspy stream ( 1 day, single-component ) which is quite badly broken into 8 or 9 segments, and would
like to merge it into a single trace - ( e.g. with obspy.core.stream.Stream.merge) but not using zero’s or the
default “No fill value” in the data gaps - instead interpolating across the gap (e.g. a linear trend would be
ok, between [ segment1-last-sample ] to [ segment2-first-sample ]. I see that there is an option to use the
‘latest’ value (which is the ‘latest’ value before the gap)… but thats still not quite appropriate as it would
introduce a step.

Does anyone know whether this is a possibility with the current core.stream.Stream.merge ? else does it have to
get messy ?

Thanks in advance

  • Stephen

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Hi Stephen,

we only had interpolating for overlapping traces so far.
I added it for traces separated by gaps right now
(http://obspy.org/changeset/2416/obspy). The data type is not changed,
so you may want to change it to float beforehand. Use e.g.:



Stephen Bannister wrote: