Obspy 1.0.0 sac header issues


I am finally getting around (being forced) to change a set of scripts to adjust to the latest updates to obspy and came across a number of issues.

The first issue has been discussed in February 2016, and is related to setting sac-header location fields (stla, stlo, evla, evlo). Initially, all these items have values of -12345 (this is a SAC default for unset header values). When I set one of the items, say stlo, it appears that obspy tries to compute the distance and azimuth using the existing -12345 values, which throws an exception from the distance-azimuth calculation (‘out of bounds’, because -12345 is not in the geographic range). Unless you are handling/suppressing the exception, it can toss you out of the current section of your code.

To work around that problem/feature, set lcalda = False, set the location fields and then set lcalda = True. I am not sure rushing off to compute the distance and azimuth is the right thing to do in a header access implementation unless none of the key lats and lons equal -12345. This could be checked in the code if you want to keep the current approach. Or, am I missing something?

Also, I am perplexed by why i cannot store a value in the ‘evdp’ header field. The documentation states that this is “not used”, but it is an essential piece of the header. From the documentation:

"Event depth below surface (meters). [not currently used]"


If I don’t store an earthquake depth in ‘evdp’ where is depth information supposed to be stored? What am I missing here?

Chuck Ammon

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Hi Chuck,

we are aware of all these issue and most are already fixed. We will
release ObsPy 1.0.1 very soon. Sorry for any caused inconveniences.


If you checkout the latest master or our maintenance branch the issues
should mostly be gone.

Thanks for the report!


Hi Chuck,

as a side note, it's quick to get an overview over all issues related to
a specific submodule, e.g. io.sac:


I'm attaching a diff of the current maintenance changes for 1.0.1, in
case your interested in the details..


sac.diff (12.4 KB)