New ObsPy releases

Dear Obspy users,

we are happy to officially announce new releases for all ObsPy packages.

All packages have been uploaded to the Python Package Index
( and can now be retrieved using
`easy_install` or `pip`. The windows installer has been updated and new
Debian packages are available. A new version of the MacOSX installer
will be created within the next days. See the installation section at
the ObsPy homepage for further information how to update your current

Please note: There were major changes in the obspy.core, obspy.signal
and obspy.mseed packages which may effect your existing source code -
please see the change log underneath. Again many deprecated methods have
been removed. Keep that in mind in case any of your programs do not run
as expected any more.

Change Log (major changes only):

- refactoring of UTCDateTime class: no longer based on Python's
  datetime.datetime class instead uses timestamp as a single floating
  point value which allows higher precision
- new plug-in concept for obspy.signal related functionalities in Trace
  and Stream objects
- runtests: options for timing, profiling, will ask user now for send
  reports to (can be omitted)
- TSPAIR format: fix in timestamping (please check your TSPAIR files
  written in ObsPy)
- new OrderedDict class for Python < 2.7.x
- some AttribDict fixes related to setitem/setdefault/clear methods
- general support for reading file-like objects, e.g. StringIO.StringIO

- new plug-in architecture
- many functions have been renamed or moved, e.g. downsample to decimate
- integrated more SciPy methods
- default for sensitivity=True in seissim,

- major rewrite - speeding up read/write access
- support for reading/writing file-like objects, e.g. StringIO.StringIO
- but: no backwards compatibility if your using functions or classes
  directly from this module, e.g. all utilities have been moved into
  an extra module
- using latest libmseed

- support for 2 digit years

- new methods, options etc.
- bugfix empty location codes
- resp/sacpz retrieval by timestamp additionally to time ranges
- order of arguments in many methods has been changed (please check
  your code if your not using keyword arguments)
- fixing distaz method

obspy.earthworm: (NEW)
- client for the Earthworm Wave Server (contributed by Victor Kress)

obspy.seg2: (NEW)
- read support for the SEG-2 data format

Please report bugs or installation issues either to this mailing
list or preferable using the ticket system on

Best regards,

Dear ObsPy users,

the MacOSX installer is now also up to date. To update just launch the existing application
and the update dialogue should pop up. Alternatively launch the updating process through
the menu or download the new version from

Best wishes,